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September 20, 2019

Are you overlooking the missing part of the puzzle when it comes to your health – the toxins in your home?  

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re health conscious and mindful about the food you put into your body. You exercise when you can and try to make healthy choices for you and your family.

But have you ever considered that the products you use in your home also affect your family’s health?

How is that? Because, just like food, it also ends up in your body.

Yes, your favourite daily perfume The airfreshener in the bathroom. That Windex you use to keep the windows sparkling.

The reality is that these hidden toxins ends up in our bloodstream, messing with our hormones and our health. It is estimated we expose ourselves to 168 chemicals each morning, just getting ready for the day. In fact, given that our skin is our body’s largest organ, we absorb 60-70% of what we apply to our skin.

Surprising? Consider nicotine patches, ‘Deep Heat’, progesterone cream - all products designed to be...

August 16, 2019

I see you there, tossing and turning, trying to sleep. Can’t switch off the endless mind chatter. The harder you try, the harder it is to sleep. 

This used to be me . So frustrated and exhausted that I ended up resorting to little pills. A bandaid fix but that’s what you do sometimes when desperate for shut eye. 

Nowadays, I’m out like a light soon as my head hits the pillow - no pills needed. 

I’ve worked out what was getting in my way of a decent night’s sleep and made some tweaks. 

Here are 7 reasons you can’t sleep - and how to turn things around. 

  1. You’ve got kids. Banish them to a deserted island . Just kidding!! 🤣🤣 These tips apply to kids as well - so read on.

  2. Your sleep routine is irregular. Some nights you’re up till midnight. The next you’re exhausted and in bed at 9pm. Your body clock is confused! Sleepy tip: Decide on realistic sleep-wake times and stick with a routine schedule to regulate your circadian rhythms. 

  3. Your bedroom is buzzing. Bright l...

August 15, 2019

OK, let’s be honest. The word ‘Self Care' is such a cliché’, right? We already know what we need to do to look after ourselves.

But how do we actually make it happen when we have small humans to raise/household to manage/a business to run/or <insert a zillion responsibilities here>?

Here’s the thing. We ALL have our struggles and challenges - some greater than others.

But the truth is that the more pressure we’re under, the MORE important self care is.

We deserve and owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves, so that we can juggle the million things on our plate.

Here are the 3 subconscious excuses we often make and how to work around them.

1. Self care is a luxury

Repeat after me. Self care is not pampering. It’s not selfish. Self care is meeting our basic human needs. Now isn’t that a mindset shift?

It’s more than the bubble baths or massages. Self care is about giving ourselves what we need to be able to do the things we want.

Like putting on our own mask on an airplane fi...

April 12, 2019

Do you have fussy kids? Are you trying to help them eat better? Or maybe they have food intolerances and you’re trying to make changes?

My boys aren’t overly fussy, but I do know what it’s like to make dramatic changes to their diet. Several years back, we had to make changes to the way we ate.

We were advised to shift from a regular modern diet (carb heavy, processed, low fat) to a more wholefoods/organic/paleo way of eating to improve my son’s health.

To make life easier, and fairer on my little boy, the whole family took part – some more willingly than others! 

Here are some tips I learnt along the way to make the switch easier:

Add, don't remove – start with looking at what nutrition can you ADD into your child’s diet? Flood their bodies with nutrients and chances are they won’t crave junk so regularly. Try sprinkling seeds or nuts to yoghurt or cereal for extra protein and fat. Can you add extra veggies in their the sandwich or spag bol? How about coconut oil or avocado into...

Feeling overwhelmed with the daily stressors of life? Try this simple but powerful technique to get your stress under control and help you feel grounded and calmer in 30 seconds. 

Imagine it’s been one of those days. You know those days - a day when if something could go wrong, it does.

A flat tyre in the morning. Dramas at work and now an unhappy client. Running late for the train. Arriving home to a slow cooker that you forgot to switch on – so there’s no dinner and hungry kids.

By now, you’re about to lose your cool – if you haven’t already.

We all know this feeling of stress. The overwhelm. Shortness of breath. Scattered thoughts. Snappy mood. The anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong – stress can be perfectly healthy. In fact, we NEED stress to keep us motivated and to protect us from harm. Like when we’re running from a lion.  

The trouble is, that in modern day life, we’re living our lives on red alert each and every day. Not  when we’re being chased by wild animals. We have high expectations,...

January 21, 2019

If you’ve ever been through dark times (who hasn’t, right?) sometimes it can feel so damn unfair. Why me? How could this happen? Everyone else’s life is so much easier. It’s all ‘X’s fault’. Woe is me. Why do we take on the victim mentality even though we know it gets us nowhere?

It’s human nature, right? Wallowing in our sorrows gives us an outlet to vent and relieve our sadness and frustration.

But there comes a time to move forward, and I suggest ditching the self pity to the kerb ASAP.

Now this may sound a little harsh but have you ever considered that your struggles may be the best thing that ever happened to you?

Well it was for me. I’ve had many ups and downs in life but having a son with a chronic health condition was the best thing that ever happened to me. Easy to say now - it was bloody hard at the time. But it taught me lessons, made me question my beliefs and helped me draw on my inner strength.

You may or may not know what sparked my business. We had a son with severe reflux w...

January 17, 2019

Anyone else been overindulging these holidays and feeling the effects?

Our bodies have a clever way of talking to us. This week I haven’t been feeling my best. My skin is breaking out and I’ve been more tired, moody and bloated than normal. I usually see the bright side of things, but this week, I’m feeling a little blah.

Being school holidays, our usual routine is out the window and we’ve been staying up well past our bedtimes – which means more coffee the next day. And then there’s the overindulging at social catch ups, on foods that don’t agree with me.  

So how to move forward and start fresh? I’m doing a detox!

I know, I know. *Insert eye roll here* So cliched.

I’m not normally a huge fan of detoxes, simply because of what it does to my mindset. I used to do them regularly many years ago and they would feel overly restrictive. I’d end up eating more junk when the detox ended to make up for the deprivation. Yes, where’s the logic?

I also believe our body has its own in built detoxificati...

Our doctor introduced us to essential oils a few years ago for our son’s digestive issues and we’ve never looked back. See our story here. Used as natural medicine for over 5000 years in many cultures, essential oils are now our first go-to option to manage everyday ailments and bring our health back into balance.

Incredibly versatile, oils can be used to support gut health, immune function, stress and moods, muscular aches and pains, respiratory health, hormone balance, skin issues, low tox cleaning, cooking and much more. 

The best value, most popular way to get started with a Natural Wellness Starter Kit. They come heavily discounted, and include the top 10* doTERRA essential oils for a healthy home. 

Here are ways you can use the oils in the Starter Kits. Read on for how to order at a discounted price! 

DigestZen – to support gut health 

  • Use for digestive upsets, bloating, indigestion and to support gut health

  • Rub a few drops on the stomach before flying or travelling on t...

So I have a confession. I used to dread going to kids’ birthday parties.  Don’t get me wrong - I love the socialising and seeing my boys have fun. But I’d also have a teeny sense of dread about how I’d navigate the ‘food situation’.

Before you remove us from your party invitation list, hear me out. For years, we saw a direct impact of the food my four year old ate during the day, and how he slept at night time. His chronic gut issues and food intolerances meant an excess of sugary, processed, wheat based or additive filled foods would keep Isaac awake at night with tummy pain. So I’d arrive at each party in Helicopter Mum mode - armed with healthy substitutes and ready to distract my toddler from the brightly coloured foods that called for his attention.

Thankfully, after several years on a gut healing protocol, he is now able to handle the odd bit of ‘junk’ without huge consequences at night time. So parties are now much more enjoyable and Helicopter Mum has retired.

BUT I still can’t he...

If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt health conscious and try to eat well. But have you ever wondered how what you put on your skin also affects your health and wellbeing?

When we choose beauty products, we don’t often consider what’s inside the jar and the actual ingredients. I certainly didn’t until a couple of years ago – any pretty packaging, gorgeous fragrance or a promise to make my skin look flawless had me sold.

But here’s the reality – we absorb 60-70% of what we apply to our skin. Surprising? Not only is our skin our body’s largest organ, but it’s also very thin. Consider nicotine patches, ‘Deep Heat’, progesterone cream - all products designed to be absorbed via our skin into the bloodstream.

Our beauty products get absorbed the same way. It is estimated we expose ourselves to 168 chemicals each morning, just getting ready for the day. Crazy, right? From our shampoo to perfume, from handwash to lippie, toxic chemicals lurk throughout our beauty cabinets. 

But don’t stress – t...

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