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With over 400 members, I personally powerful and positive success stories from my members almost daily. From better sleep, digestion, immune health, weight management, head and muscle tension, energy levels or overall wellbeing, the results speak for themselves. 


The benefits my members experience is just one reason why the only brand I will work with, doTERRA, is the most trusted, tested and largest essential oil company in the world. 


Here is just a snapshot of testimonials. It's the high quality, stringent testing standards, purity and potency that makes doTERRA essential oils incredible and unique to any essential oils you may have experienced before. 


"Don't want to jinx anything but I've started using the Vetiver on Caidence for the last three nights and the last two nights she only woke once! She hasn't slept that long uninterrupted since she was 4 months old and she's 11 months now".

Carissa, Western Australia

Immune health

"Loving the oils! Can't believe how well they work at helping fight colds and infections etc. My daughter puts the Immune Bomb on herself before bed. So cute."

Jane, New South Wales


"I've found it (Copaiba) really helps with my bloating and digestion, also helps with stress. I can really tell the difference with all 3 things when I take it. Have to wonder if this is why I haven't been sick like my husband and kids." 

Michelle, New South Wales

Sleep and coughs

"I made a roller ball with Lavender and Easy Air and applied it before I went to sleep. Last night was the best nights sleep I've had all week. Even in spite of my pregnant bladder demands, I went back to sleep straight away. I haven't had a proper sleep since I got this cold and I just feel so much better today". 

A. C. New South Wales


"My sister has bought this (Clary Calm) for 2 separate friends on the verge of IVF and they were pregnant in 2 cycles. It knocks me out but also helped my cycle and PMS." 

Sarah, New South Wales

Energy and immune system

"Lifelong Vitality has been a game changer for me. I don't get much sleep - average 4-5 hours most nights and I was feeling really run down. LLV has boosted my immune system significantly and I can def feel a difference with energy levels. Won't be stopping these anytime soon."

Jo-Anne, Queensland

General wellbeing

"If I had to choose just one product from doTERRA it would be Lifelong Vitality. Taking these has been lifechanging. When you commit to taking these daily, you FEEL the difference."

Mary Lee, USA

Motor tics, head and body tension 

I struggled with tics, daily headaches and body soreness for half my life. I've started using Copaiba and Lifelong Vitality. Only a couple of weeks after taking these, I started to feel like a different person and my tics are almost gone! From a tired and sore to a happy and way more energetic mum! 

Silvia, New South Wales

Skin and hormones

"Salubelle is great for my skin. Marks less visible in a matter of days. Clary Calm gets me through the rough days. Very helpful"

Farisa, New South Wales

Body discomfort, aches and stiffness

"There's many positive experiences but more so my husband is noticing a lot more movement in his neck. He's had Ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have tried and researched everything to improve his quality of life. Within 4 days of using cypress oil and Ice Blue in the evenings my husband is noticing more movement. His previously cancerous leg that is blackened due to past treatment is also improving after 10 days. You have turned some sceptics into believers."

Teau, New South Wales

Focus & Concentration

"InTune! Not only does it help me focus, but I have found that when I use it on my daughter who has learning difficulties, she stops fidgeting and can actually get through her intensive literacy sessions with her therapist. She has so much more focus and loses all her negative thoughts that hold her back! I haven't seen her so still or focussed! Honestly, it's the best oil so far!"

Anna, New South Wales

Heart and blood health

"Recently diagnosed with high blood pressure , the inquisitor in me found a natural alternative through the power of oils. Within 30 seconds of applying over my chest and the soles of my feet, my pounding migraine dissipated and my mechanical valves calmed down completely."

Rachel, Carlton


"DigestZen has been a replacement for Buscopan for me! I've always had a lot of pain and intolerances, the DigestZen roller is a must have now! Gets used up so quickly for me, works so fast! Yay, how exciting, thanks Sofia!" 

Danielle, New South Wales

Sinuses & Head Tension

"I've only recently started using doTERRA and surprise, surprise I'm addicted! I've been suffering from frequent headaches lately and I have found using Easy Air on my temples and inhaling it clears my sinuses and my headaches are gone in a very short time. I haven't taken paracetamol all week!"

Anne, New South Wales

Weight management & Sugar Cravings

"Smart & Sassy has been a lifesaver for me. It has helped me break my addiction to diet sodas (I used to drink at least a litre a day). I now add a couple of drops to my water bottle and have no sugar cravings or interest in diet sodas. Added bonus I have more energy and have lost 12 kilos since I started using Smart & Sassy."

Tracey, Victoria