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The 9 hidden toxins in your home – and how to swap them without the fuss

September 20, 2019

Are you overlooking the missing part of the puzzle when it comes to your health – the toxins in your home?  


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re health conscious and mindful about the food you put into your body. You exercise when you can and try to make healthy choices for you and your family.


But have you ever considered that the products you use in your home also affect your family’s health?


How is that? Because, just like food, it also ends up in your body.


Yes, your favourite daily perfume The airfreshener in the bathroom. That Windex you use to keep the windows sparkling.


The reality is that these hidden toxins ends up in our bloodstream, messing with our hormones and our health. It is estimated we expose ourselves to 168 chemicals each morning, just getting ready for the day. In fact, given that our skin is our body’s largest organ, we absorb 60-70% of what we apply to our skin.


Surprising? Consider nicotine patches, ‘Deep Heat’, progesterone cream - all products designed to be absorbed into the bloodstream via our skin.


There’s also the medications we regularly use for minor ailments. Rather than using them as a last resort, harsh medications are often our first option without considering the long term effects.


But don’t stress – the good news is it’s pretty simple to make the switch to healthier products – you just need to know what to swap it for!


Here are 9 hidden toxins in your home and some simple swaps you can make.


1.     Airfreshener – fragrance has been referred to as ‘the new secondhand smoke’ as it contains chemicals called phthalates that interfere with hormone function (endocrine disruptors). Phthalates have been linked to issues in reproduction, fertility, metabolism, puberty and hormone related cancers.


Simple swap – make a spritzer of water and essential oils. My favourites are lemon, lavender and tea tree which have sanitising properties to naturally purify and freshen the air.


2.     Perfume – ladies, spraying synthetic fragrance, a known endocrine disruptor, directly onto our thyroid and delicate pulse points is NEVER a good idea. Health effects aside - once you’ve tried the real deal (pure organic perfume from real plants), you’ll never go back to the synthetic chemical version!


Simple swap – use a roller of coconut oil and your favourite essential oils. My personal pure-fume favourites are Whisper, Rose, Passion or Balance.


3.     Window cleaner – no need to inhale toxic Windex or lock away your window cleaners in a high cupboard. Here’s a much simpler, safer, cost effective alternative - plus you can experience the uplifting benefits of aromatherapy while you clean!


Simple swap – fill a trigger spray with water and add some drops of lemon oil.


4.     Mould remover – mould removers are amongst the harshest chemicals in your home. Sadly, they often only lighten the mould, rather than remove the actual source – the spores themselves.


Simple swap - the good news is clove oil kills mould spores – it doesn’t just remove them aesthetically.


5.     Deodorant - Conventional anti-perspirants use aluminium chlorohydrate to block our sweat glands. Aluminium is suspected to be a neurotoxin and also interferes with our oestrogen receptors. Sweating is a natural process to help our bodies cool down and release toxins that accumulate in our lymph glands and affect our immune system.


Simple swap – switch to a deodorant contain coconut oil, a natural absorbing agent to absorb moisture, and essential oils that destroys the odour causing bacteria. There are effective DIY and ready made options!


6.     Body lotion – typical body moisturisers contain petroleum derived mineral oil as it is inexpensive (petroleum derived) and reduces moisture loss. Unfortunately, at best it offers no benefit for the skin and clogs the pores.


Simple swap – use a liquid coconut oil and add your favourite essential oils for a beautiful natural layered fragrance.


7.     Cough and cold remedies – these harsh medications often simply suppress the symptoms, which can prolong the condition without addressing the cause. Others such as conventional chest rubs often contain petroleum and fragrance and less active ingredients than organic plant-based options.


Simple swap – use plant-based remedies that protect and support the body’s immune system in recovery, without the harmful side affects. After all, plants have been used medicinally around the world for thousands of years. Safe, effective options that can be used by the whole family are Easy Air, frankincense, OnGuard, lemon, tea tree or oregano.  


8.     Skin irritation creams – hydrocortisone creams designed to manage symptoms of skin irritations, such as eczema, often lead to side effects such as skin redness, headaches, dizziness or trouble sleeping.


Simple swap – try an antibacterial, soothing combination of tea tree, lavender and frankincense diluted in coconut oil to soothe, protect and help the skin cells regenerate.


9.     Sleeping or calming tablets – try a calming blend of essential oils in the diffuser, inhaled from the palms or in a roller applied topically to relieve anxious feelings, and promote restful sleep.


Feel overwhelmed of where to start? I get it - I overhauled our whole home a few years back thanks to our struggles with my son (see our story here). My best tip is to do it gradually! Start with one product at a time – when you’ve run out, replace it with a healthier version.  


Need help? Let me guide you with easy recipes, personal support or discounted pricing - get in touch to join a workshop, book a free consult or download my Healthy Home Detox Guide.




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