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The 7 real reasons you're not sleeping - and how to fix them

August 16, 2019

I see you there, tossing and turning, trying to sleep. Can’t switch off the endless mind chatter. The harder you try, the harder it is to sleep. 


This used to be me . So frustrated and exhausted that I ended up resorting to little pills. A bandaid fix but that’s what you do sometimes when desperate for shut eye. 


Nowadays, I’m out like a light soon as my head hits the pillow - no pills needed. 


I’ve worked out what was getting in my way of a decent night’s sleep and made some tweaks. 


Here are 7 reasons you can’t sleep - and how to turn things around. 

  1. You’ve got kids. Banish them to a deserted island . Just kidding!! 🤣🤣 These tips apply to kids as well - so read on.

  2. Your sleep routine is irregular. Some nights you’re up till midnight. The next you’re exhausted and in bed at 9pm. Your body clock is confused! Sleepy tip: Decide on realistic sleep-wake times and stick with a routine schedule to regulate your circadian rhythms. 

  3. Your bedroom is buzzing. Bright lights and electronics overstimulate your melatonin. Sleepy tip: Keep electronics out of the room. Invest in a small battery operated alarm clock to replace your phone and digital radio clock. Ensure the room is as dark as possible with light blocking window shades. 

  4. Your mind can’t switch off.  The zillion things you have to do, the argument you had or when the car insurance is due has your mind going around in circles. Sleepy tip: Get it out of your head! Keep a notebook next to your bed and jot down all of your worries, ideas and thoughts before bed. 

  5. Too many stimulants. You’re having coffee too close to bed time. Buzzing with adrenaline is a recipe for a restless night.  Sleepy tip: Keep caffeine to before 2pm. 

  6. Your body needs more movement or nourishment. Exercise during the day helps to improve restorative sleep, and reduces stress. Many nutrients, amino acids and enzymes can help our body to promote good sleep and regulate the sleep cycle.  Sleepy tip: Ensure a healthy diet and movement is a part of your day. Consider a quality supplement or see a nutritionist for extra support. 

  7. You’re not winding down. Are you running a million miles an hour and then jumping into bed? Your body needs time to shift into rest mode.  Sleepy tip: Include a meditation or relaxing tea as part of your ritual, or wind down with your favourite book. 

  8. You need a sleep hack! My personal favourite is to include aromatherapy in my evening ritual. Aromatherapy is known to promote relaxation, have a sedative effect and to activate the brain chemicals involved in controlling sleep. Sleepy tip: Pop on the diffuser 20 minutes before bed and curl up with a book. Try a relaxing Epsom salt bath with lavender or chamomile. Rub essential oils on the soles of the feet, down the spine or inhale from pulse points. Spritz the pillow with a Sleepy Time Spritzer. Plenty of ways to supercharge your sleep with aromatherapy! Just be sure to use Certified Pure Tested Grade oils only for results and safety. Contact me for recommendations and guidance, or to come to a Sleep, Stress and Self Care workshop. 


Which tip will you try? What gets in the way of a good sleep for you? 


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