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The 3 excuses Mums make for not practicing self care – and how to ditch them

August 15, 2019

OK, let’s be honest. The word ‘Self Care' is such a cliché’, right? We already know what we need to do to look after ourselves.


But how do we actually make it happen when we have small humans to raise/household to manage/a business to run/or <insert a zillion responsibilities here>?


Here’s the thing. We ALL have our struggles and challenges - some greater than others.


But the truth is that the more pressure we’re under, the MORE important self care is.


We deserve and owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves, so that we can juggle the million things on our plate.


Here are the 3 subconscious excuses we often make and how to work around them.


1. Self care is a luxury


Repeat after me. Self care is not pampering. It’s not selfish. Self care is meeting our basic human needs. Now isn’t that a mindset shift?


It’s more than the bubble baths or massages. Self care is about giving ourselves what we need to be able to do the things we want.


Like putting on our own mask on an airplane first, before we rescue others.


A marathon runner knows the importance of self care. They need to give their bodies the very best in nutrition, rest and mindset to reach that milestone. Raising small humans is the one of the important marathons there is, if you ask me!


So start with identifying your needs. What’s that ONE thing you need regularly that will create a positive effect on the other areas of your life?


Is it alone time to reflect and be with your thoughts? Is it more sleep? Is it time for learning new things? Or is it connection with others that restores your tank? Whatever it is, identify the one thing you need most and make that a priority.


You know what else? The world will keep revolving while you meet your needs. And when you come back, your kids/partner/boss/business will be so grateful for that better version of you that has filled their own cup.


2. I’ve got no time.


So here’s the secret – MAKE time. Once you’ve decided it’s a priority, schedule self care into your calendar and treat it like a dentist appointment.


That may sound harsh, but the truth is we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and we get to choose where we spend it. That quick Facebook scroll. Or Netflix session. Or other mundane things we do. It all adds up. Keeping a 24 hour log of your day can be very eye opening on where our time goes.


Then look at where you can make tweaks to your day to fit in your priorities.


Keep it realistic and do it often. 10 minutes a day here and there can make a big difference.


Here are some ideas - could you:

  • wake 10 minutes earlier to meditate or have a coffee in peace and set your morning intentions?

  • swap the morning Insta scroll to pack your own lunch?

  • leave work 20 minutes earlier to get to a yoga class?

  • find two minutes in your day to simply close your eyes and breathe?

  • use your travel time productively to listen to a podcast or read a book?

  • outsource anything like cleaning the house or switching to online shopping?

  • replace a late night of Netflix with a bath and early night?

Personally, I love to wake before the kids, and plan my day into a schedule with my morning coffee and essential oil diffuser on. I also schedule in a meditation after school drop off because I know this makes the rest of my day more focused and productive.


This habit allows me more freedom later in the day, as I’ve used my time wisely and consciously.


Remember - time is our most precious commodity and we never get it back.


3. I’m too tired


Mumma, this is the EXACT reason you need to prioritise self care. Self care will energise, not deplete you. It’s the very thing you need to restore your energy and lift your spirits, and is ESSENTIAL for your physical health.


Here are some options to boost your energy. Can you:

  • include a high quality supplement into your day to ensure your getting the nutrients you need?

  • make simple swaps in your meals from filler foods (bread/crackers/cereal/pasta) to nutrient dense options (vegetables/healthy fats/quality protein) that will energise you?

  • commit to getting enough shut eye at night and a regular bed time?  

  • fit in 10 minutes of fun fitness into your day (because that 10 minutes will boost your energy the rest of the day)?

  • work towards a dream or passion that motivates and inspires you? There is nothing more energising than finding a passion to fuel you.

  • prioritise a visit to a nutritionist to investigate causes, keep you accountable and create an action plan?

So, my friends, I encourage you to ask yourself. What is it that you most need right now? Now create a plan on how you’re going to fit it into your life. Find small pockets of time and do it often.


Still resistant? Find a way to reframe your thinking around self care because I promise you, putting YOU first creates a positive ripple effect for ALL areas of your life.


What do you do to get more self care into your life?


Need more inspo and practical tips for getting more self care into your day? Join my next Stress, Sleep and Self Care workshop.




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