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The 30 second stress solution

Feeling overwhelmed with the daily stressors of life? Try this simple but powerful technique to get your stress under control and help you feel grounded and calmer in 30 seconds. 


Imagine it’s been one of those days. You know those days - a day when if something could go wrong, it does.


A flat tyre in the morning. Dramas at work and now an unhappy client. Running late for the train. Arriving home to a slow cooker that you forgot to switch on – so there’s no dinner and hungry kids.


By now, you’re about to lose your cool – if you haven’t already.


We all know this feeling of stress. The overwhelm. Shortness of breath. Scattered thoughts. Snappy mood. The anxiety.


Don’t get me wrong – stress can be perfectly healthy. In fact, we NEED stress to keep us motivated and to protect us from harm. Like when we’re running from a lion.  


The trouble is, that in modern day life, we’re living our lives on red alert each and every day. Not  when we’re being chased by wild animals. We have high expectations, cram as much as we can into each day and face challenges and environments that our bodies simply aren’t biologically wired for.


When our nervous system senses it’s in danger via ongoing stress, this can impact many of our body systems. Chronic stress weakens our digestion and energy levels. Our sleep is compromised, and our food cravings and metabolism shift into fat storage mode. With stress hormones at a high (adrenaline and cortisol), our body shuts down production of progesterone, affecting our hormonal balance and fertility.


Can you see how our whole body is affected by stress? So, what do we do? Aside from escaping to a deserted tropical island, that is. How do we manage the everyday pressures of life, without an emotional meltdown?


Introducing the ‘30 second stress solution’ that can transform how you feel when you’re stressed.


It takes just 30 seconds, is super simple yet so powerful in how it affects your mood, clarity, energy and stress hormones.


You can do it anywhere, anytime and all you need is a drop of essential oil. Yes, it’s aromatherapy, and everyone can benefit from this simple ritual.


Here’s how it works.


Pop a drop of 100% pure therapeutic essential oil into the palm of your hands.


Rub them together gently. Cup your hands over your mouth and nose.


Inhale in a long slow deep breath to count of 3. Hold for a second. Exhale to the count of three.


Repeat three times.


Notice how you feel now. Calmer. More grounded and centered. Back in control so you can cope with the rest of your day.


Now imagine you had this technique available at your fingertips anytime you needed it. Read to the end, and I'll give you the tools. 


Inhaling essential oils is one of the fastest ways to shift our emotional state. It also has benefits at a physical level.


Instinctually, we all know our sense of smell has a huge impact on how we feel. For example, smells can trigger or bring back fond memories (Nanna’s cookies, anyone?)


When we smell essential oils, the molecules interact with the olfactory organs (sense of smell), respiratory system and the brain. During inhalation, the molecules affect the brain through the amygdala gland and limbic system, commonly referred to as the 'emotional brain'. The limbic system links to the parts of the brain that control stress levels, memory, heart rate, blood pressure and hormone balance. 


So if you’re feeling stressed regularly, I encourage you to include this simple powerful ritual into your daily life.


Pop a bottle of essential oil into your handbag and let it rescue you from those daily stressors. Reach for it when you need to feel more grounded, need a mental pick me up or you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Some of my personal favourites are frankincense, lavender and wild orange but there are endless possibilities!


Just be sure to use essential oils that are independently tested to be 100% free from nasties and for therapeutic value and potency, to ensure you experience a result.


Reach out for 25-55% off if you're ready to get started with your very own Stress Solution Kit! Contact me by email and I'd love to help you. 


Want an easier way to feel better, get healthier and live a natural lifestyle? As a Health Educator featured in The Leader, Sofia Potente teaches simple ways to relieve everyday problems naturally and take their wellbeing to the next level. Take her free mini class here www.thenaturalswitch.com.au/empoweredwellness



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