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Why your struggles may be the best thing that ever happened to you

January 21, 2019


If you’ve ever been through dark times (who hasn’t, right?) sometimes it can feel so damn unfair. Why me? How could this happen? Everyone else’s life is so much easier. It’s all ‘X’s fault’. Woe is me. Why do we take on the victim mentality even though we know it gets us nowhere?


It’s human nature, right? Wallowing in our sorrows gives us an outlet to vent and relieve our sadness and frustration.


But there comes a time to move forward, and I suggest ditching the self pity to the kerb ASAP.


Now this may sound a little harsh but have you ever considered that your struggles may be the best thing that ever happened to you?


Well it was for me. I’ve had many ups and downs in life but having a son with a chronic health condition was the best thing that ever happened to me. Easy to say now - it was bloody hard at the time. But it taught me lessons, made me question my beliefs and helped me draw on my inner strength.


You may or may not know what sparked my business. We had a son with severe reflux who screamed around the clock in pain, was heavily medicated and destined for major stomach surgery. If you want to know how we turned things around check out this article in our local paper. 


Here are 4 ways our struggle changed things for the better. Whatever you’re going through, could any of these be true for you too?


1. I now trust my gut instinct. During our time on the medical roller coaster, I pushed aside my motherly instincts and inner wisdom to listen to éxperts’ tell me what was right for my child and dismiss my concerns. “No, the medications don’t have long term effects” they said. “Food has nothing to do with your son’s reflux’’ “Surgery’s his only option”. When I started listening to my own instincts and doing my own research and seeing a holistic doctor, we were able to turn things around. What is your instinct telling you? Have you listened to it or pushed it aside?


2. I learnt that we are stronger than we think. It’s only when we face challenges that we draw on our inner strengths to get through to the other side. Breakthroughs and successes aren’t born out of living in the comfort zone, my friends. The gold is when things get tough – that’s our opportunity to build resilience, look for the lessons and move onwards and upwards. Believe in yourself and in your ability to overcome what you’re facing? Seek personal and professional support where needed. You’ve got this!


3. A new passion and career was sparked. Through our journey, I’ve learnt many valuable lessons that I now teach and share with others through my business. Lessons like to get curious about what you’re using in your home and on your body. How simple it is to make healthy swaps. That only we are responsible for own health and have the power to change things.


4. Be open minded and have a willingness to learn new ways. No offence intended – but what always puzzles me is when people are struggling with an issue but aren’t open to new ways. “No that’s not going to work.’’ ’’That’s woo woo.’’ Sure, it’s healthy to be skeptical, but if what you’re doing currently isn’t working anyhow, what have you got to lose? Rather than make assumptions, do your own research on credible, independent sources and listen to other people’s experiences before assuming something won’t work for you.


Have you found the silver lining in your struggles? What lessons have you learnt?


PS. Want to learn more on simple healthy swaps, how to take responsibility for your own health and become more empowered? Ask about my upcoming Wellness workshops (online or in person) or get in touch for more info. 

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