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3 tips to make your detox easier!

January 17, 2019

Anyone else been overindulging these holidays and feeling the effects?


Our bodies have a clever way of talking to us. This week I haven’t been feeling my best. My skin is breaking out and I’ve been more tired, moody and bloated than normal. I usually see the bright side of things, but this week, I’m feeling a little blah.


Being school holidays, our usual routine is out the window and we’ve been staying up well past our bedtimes – which means more coffee the next day. And then there’s the overindulging at social catch ups, on foods that don’t agree with me.  


So how to move forward and start fresh? I’m doing a detox!


I know, I know. *Insert eye roll here* So cliched.


I’m not normally a huge fan of detoxes, simply because of what it does to my mindset. I used to do them regularly many years ago and they would feel overly restrictive. I’d end up eating more junk when the detox ended to make up for the deprivation. Yes, where’s the logic?


I also believe our body has its own in built detoxification system (thank you liver) so a detox isn’t overly necessary. What we do on a regular long-term basis is going to have greater impact than a quick fix detox and then eating rubbish the rest of the year.  


BUT when you consider our lifestyles and the toxins we expose ourselves to, it makes sense to do a gentle detox every now and then to give our body a cleansing kickstart.


After all, our liver is dealing with a bucketload on a daily basis - coffee, processed foods, pesticides, medications, tap water, stress, alcohol, sugar, conventional dairy, chemicals from household products and so – it could do with some extra love and a break, right?

So to keep myself motivated and focused, this time I’m doing it in a way that suits me.


Here are my 3 tips if you’re looking for some inspo! (you don’t need the products I mention – do it YOUR way in a way that feels good)


  1. Adding in rather than taking out – look at what you can add to your diet to crowd out the less healthy options. Fill your body with more nourishment and you'll naturally crave less. Where can you add more greens? Could you be drinking more water? How about extra fresh herbs or a delicious dressing to pimp up your salads and for extra cleansing power? For a little help and to give my liver extra love, I’m using Zendocrine the detoxification supplement and TerraGreens powder. I’m also adding grapefruit oil to my water for added cleansing and to encourage me to drink more water as it tastes great! Next is an armpit detox (I use the spa detox mask) as our toxins often accumulated in the lymph glands under our armpits.  

  2. Healthy swaps – where can you choose real foods over fake ones? Can you swap heavy, inflammatory or processed foods for light easy to digest foods? Look at each meal and see what swaps you can make that your body will love you for. For example, instead of coffee, I’m having green tea and dandelion tea. I’m also using a ginseng supplement for sustained energy without the crash. Instead of rice, I’m choosing cauliflower or sweet potato mash. Instead of spelt sourdough toast with my eggs, I’m adding spinach and avocado.

  3. Focus on what you have to gain rather than what you’re ‘losing’ – how will you feel after giving your body a break, extra nourishment and a chance to cleanse and repair? Will you feel lighter and brighter? More mental clarity? Clearer skin? Better mood? Well rested? More confident? Whatever motivates you, focus on that instead of the heavy processed foods you ‘miss out on’. After all, is it really a treat if it makes you feel like rubbish and lethargic afterwards?


Who else feels like they need a detox this summer? How do you make it work for you?


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