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10 ways to detox your life

September 15, 2017


Spring is here! Hello sunshine, summer shorts, more energy and oh so many more options for the weekend. 


It’s also the perfect time to get motivated to clean up our lifestyles. A time to ‘detox’ from the things that don’t serve us and make space for the things that support our wellbeing and put more spring in our step.


If you’re looking to spring clean your lifestyle, here are my top 10 tips to get started. 

  1. Detox wake up – starting the day with warm lemon water is said to alkalise our system, flush out toxins and get our digestion moving.  The vitamin C is also great for our skin! Check out more benefits here. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm filtered water and drink upon waking.

  2. Recharge overnight – it’s not called ‘beauty sleep’ or a ‘power nap’ for nothing. Getting enough shut eye at night is so important for our energy, moods, immune system, health, hormones and much more. Our bodies' cells renew, rejuvenate and detox whilst we sleep. If you find yourself constantly staying up late and regretting it the next day, check out this fantastic podcast for a motivating reality check about sleep.

  3. Pantry reboot – clear out your pantry of additive and preservative filled foods for the whole family. My rule of thumb is if I don’t recognise the ingredients or it contains numbers, chances are it’s not made of real food. Go for unprocessed wholefoods as close to how they appeared in nature, as much as you can. To find out more about the effective of additives on behaviour and health, check out this article or download The Chemical Maze app.

  4. Switch your deodorant  - are you still applying aluminium to your armpits? We have important lymph glands in our armpits and their job is to expel toxins.  Our underarms are also highly absorbent. If your deodorant contains aluminium or synthetic fragrance, consider a more caring and natural deodorant like the ones available here. And whilst we're talking sweat - breaking a sweat is also a great way to detox. So get out there and move that amazing body of yours! 

  5. Do nothing – what’s your response if someone asks you ‘how have you been?’ Chances are, you respond with “Good. Busy”. Why do we feel the need to fill every moment with doing something, getting more done and going to more places? Why isn’t it enough sometimes to just to ‘be’? What if we allowed ourselves time to recharge and be mindful? Kind of like a mind detox - a break from all of the noise and clutter in our minds. If you could do with more of this, why not try introducing a mindfulness practice into your day and see how you feel. I’ve discovered a 3 minute mindfulness podcast which I love – because who doesn’t have 3 minutes in their day to ‘reset’ and have some ‘me time’?

  6. Body love – our skin is the largest organ on our body, and we absorb what we put onto our skin. So it makes sense that what we apply to our skin daily is free of nasties like parabens, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphates and mineral oils. Choose more caring products from these natural beauty stores – your skin will love you for it!  

  7. Surround yourself with supportive, positive people – who we spend most of our time with affects our mood, happiness and wellbeing. We’ve all been in the company of someone who is constantly negative or tries to drag you down – it’s draining, right? We mirror those we are around, and feed off their energy, so it makes sense to surround ourselves with people that appreciate and uplift us.  Of course, if someone in your life is going through a rough time – check in with them. Maybe they could do with your support and positive energy.

  8. Freshen your home naturally – you know what bugs me? Those automatic ‘airfreshener’ dispensers in public bathrooms that spray the toilets every five minutes. It’s ironic that these fragrances are called ‘air fresheners’ when they are the complete opposite – toxic chemicals that harm our health and pollute, rather than ‘freshen’ the air. The typical aerosol fragrances we spray through our homes are shown to contain chemicals that disrupt hormones and are a significant health risk. Switch to something that smells divine, and supports our health and wellbeing such as natural essential oils in a diffuser – here is my favourite essential oil brand.

  9. Get more greens into your day – how many greens did you eat today? If you’re a busy mum or always on the go, chance are the answer is ‘not many’. Greens are a true superfood - packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals. If you’re not getting enough fresh greens despite your best intentions, having a daily good quality wholefood greens powder like this SuoerGreens and Reds powder is what I think of as ‘health insurance’. Add to a smoothie or your water bottle for a cleansing drink.

  10. Smell amazing naturally – have you ever wondered what you spray onto yourself daily? Conventional fragrances are shown to contain chemicals called pthalates which are linked to hormonal imbalance, as they mimic human hormones. We absorb and inhale our perfume, so best to switch to a brand that make out of organic and natural ingredients. You can find non-toxic perfumes here.


Before you feel overwhelmed, remember – progress not perfection!  Pick just one new habit to start with, and once you’ve nailed that one, add in another and so on. Happy Spring!

* This post contains affiliate links. 


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