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8 things you can switch cereal and toast for!

July 31, 2017

We often reach for the cereal and toast simply because it's habit, it's quick and the kids will eat it. But is it nourishing them with nutrients or simply filling them up and giving them a sugar rush? 

I hear you - we used to do the same around here. Rice cereal and wheat biscuits. Day in, day out. 

When our integrative doctor recommended we cut out the cereal and toast to help my then 1 year old's tummy, I thought 'what on earth will he eat?' Funny how when you're forced to cut something out, you realise there is so much food beyond the bread, cereal and processed carbs we rely on so much in today's typical diet. 

So, here are 8 other options to consider switching to:

1. Paleo toast with avocado (yes, still toast, but contains more protein and good fats from nuts and eggs).


2. Scrambled eggs - can add spinach for extra greens 

3. Chia seed pudding with coconut milk and berries 

4. Grain free or buckwheat pancakes (pre-make a batch to have on hand to reheat)

5. Paleo porridge (again, more nourishing and filling than cereal).


6. Coconut yoghurt with seeds and berries 

7. A smoothie - if you're short on time, you'll find fantastic wholefood protein smoothie mixes here


8. Paleo granola

Would you or your family try any of these? Let me know which and I'll post a recipe. Share with someone else looking for other breakfast options! 





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