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5 ways I beat my sweet tooth and ditched the sugar cravings

August 21, 2017

I used to be a sugar and carb addict. On the sugar rollercoaster - always craving my next fix of carbs or constantly snacking. I'd start the day with cereal for breakfast, then a sandwich for lunch, a sweet treat in the afternoon followed by pasta or rice for dinner.  And then came the after dinner sugar cravings. 


These days, I find it pretty easy to say no to sweets (mostly - I'm still human!). It's not that I have amazing willpower, but that I've made a few lifestyle changes that have made a big difference to my sweet tooth and my energy. 



Here are the 5 changes I made to ditch the sugar cravings. The bonus? I lost a few kg's in the process. Not my intention but a pleasant side effect! 


1. Start my day with fats!


Nowadays I get healthy fats into my day as much as I can. Coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado, eggs and nuts are a regular staple of my breakfasts. This is one of my favourite smoothie recipes from Dr Kelly Brogan - not sickly sweet like many fruit loaded smoothies and leaves me feeling energetic and with loads of mental clarity for the day. http://kellybroganmd.com/kb-smoothie/


2.  Include protein with every meal especially breakfast


For similar reasons above, I find protein keeps me full for longer and less likely to crave sugar. Eggs, nuts and grass fed gelatin are my favourite protein sources when it comes to breakfast - Dr Brogan's recipe above includes all 3! When I'm short on time, I love this fantastic range of wholefood protein smoothie mixes which leave me feeling energetic and sustained till the afternoon. 


3. Intermittent fasting


I fast for 14 hours overnight e.g. 7pm to 9am. Check out the benefits of intermittent fasting on your health with this great summary from Dr Joseph Mercola http://www.mercola.com/infographics/intermittent-fasting.htm


4. Manage my stress


Feeling overwhelmed, rushed or just stressed with too much on my plate used to have me reaching for sweets. I've since learned to better manage my stress in other ways, allow myself to take breaks and try to be realistic in what I can achieve (mostly!). For inspiration and info on how stress affects cravings, your hormones and wellbeing, be sure to check out Dr Libby Weaver's books - she is an amazing source of knowledge! 


5. Sleep


Being exhausted is a sure fire way to have us reaching for a sweet 'pick me up'. Except not long after it becomes a 'crash me down'. So these days I make sleep a priority and try to get to bed by 10pm most nights. On that note, it's 9.44pm so time to sign off! 


What about you - do you have a sweet tooth? What helps your sugar cravings? 





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