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If you're reading this, you're ready to take your wellbeing to the next level. You're open to a better way that helps you to:

- Feel better and simplify your life, without compromising your health.

- Support your family's health with more ease and grace, with natural solutions that work

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Picture this. Imagine you had at your fingertips:

  • A way to destress and feel calmer in seconds

  • Improved focus and energy, without the caffeine jitters

  • Clearer, smoother skin – with an anti-ageing product that actually worked!

  • An amazing smelling home that made visitors sigh with satisfaction when they entered

  • Cranking digestion that works the way it’s meant to

  • A better nights sleep

  • Sense of comfort and confidence to manage your kids’ health when they’re unwell


All this and more from a bottle of essential oil. Sound impossible? It’s not. They’ve enhanced every aspect of our life and I’d love to help you do the same – easily!

OK I get it – you’re super busy. Oils aren’t on your priority list right now. Between work demands, the kid’s zillion needs, staying on top of the bills and piles of washing, trying to cook a decent meal, social catch ups, spending time with your partner – there’s little time or energy left for much else, right?

What if I told you that is the exact reason you need oils in your life – to make the daily juggle easier? What if I told you these oils can help simplify your life, help you feel better and bring more vitality and wellbeing to your family, so that you can get on with tackling your to-do’s with more ease and flow, and enjoying your life?

Essential oils aren’t miracle cures, but they are a beautiful vessel that enable you to do all of this and more.

Let me show you how in this FREE webinar. I’ll share the secrets that have transformed SO many areas of our life.

In less than 40 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • 10 simple healthy swaps you can make to detox your home

  • How to have more energy and clarity without resorting to caffeine

  • The number 1 reason we use essential oils as a first resort for everyday ailments and common health concerns*

  • How I lost 12 kgs and turned around my son’s chronic condition using these oils to support us

  • Why what you have in your bathroom and kitchen cupboards is affecting your hormones – and how to easily switch it!

  • Why the bottle of supermarket essential oil may be doing you more harm than good

  • The daily routine to help ditch sugar cravings

  • How to have younger, more radiant skin – and why to ditch the expensive antiaging creams!

  • 3 ways to help your kids sleep using oils

  • The 30 second trick to destress, energise and uplift your mood

  • How we help our kids recover more quickly when they’re unwell and protect their immune systems

  • How to save time and money by making your own products! 

  • 4 ways to use essential oils for your health

  • How to feel more confident managing your own health

And more!

Click the button below for the free 40 minute webinar. 

Want to find out more? See our story featured in The Leader or get in touch via my website or socials.  


Wishing you health and happiness, 

Sofia xx

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"I would highly recommend anyone to follow The Natural Switch and make the healthy changes to your body and mind that you have been waiting for. I'm so grateful to attend Sofia's classes." Aleksandra  

"Sofia is super knowledgeable and experienced with natural wellness solutions for day to day issues. I love her classes and would highly recommend! Sofia, thank you for guiding us into all these positive changes we are experiencing!" Paola 

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful get together and experience. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but was very impressed. I’m also so happy that my sister in law thoroughly enjoyed it too. Looking forward to getting started.'' Angie

''I have been to one of these classes & they are amazing! Love Sofia, explains everything so simply, clear & easy to understand.'' Olivia