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My focus


Children's gut health

Natural remedies for everyday problems

Empowering mums to care for their family naturally - the way we have for generations!

Creating a healthier, low tox home

Self Care for the busy, tired Mum

Hey there! 

I am Sofia Potente - an author, researcher, blogger and health professional. 

As the founder of The Natural Switch, I'm also a passionate mum on a mission. A mission to inspire and empower others to choose more consciously what they put in and onto their bodies and that of their little ones. 

My passion for natural health and wellness began when my youngest son was born. 


My son's severe digestive issues led me on a path to heal and recover his gut health. For months on end, he screamed in pain from reflux. No matter what we tried or who we saw, nothing worked, and at 12 months, he end up on a waiting list for major stomach surgery.


Desperate to avoid stomach surgery, I became an avid researcher propelled to learn as much as I could about holistic health.  


Working with integrative health practitioners, we switched to a more natural, low tox way of living. With these changes, we saw huge shifts in my son's wellbeing and he is now a happy, thriving little boy. Find out more about our story here.  

On the work front, I have over 14 years of experience in health promotion, research and community education, With postgraduate qualifications in Public Health, I am a published author and have spent years educating the community about healthy living. From running award winning health campaigns and community initiatives, I love nothing more than inspiring people to strive for wellness.

I live in Sydney with my husband and two beautiful boys. When I'm not writing or hanging out with my boys, you'll find me at a dance class, getting some sunshine, obsessively listening to podcasts, catching up with girlfriends or indulging in my weakness for too much caffeine. 

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Wishing you health and wellness.

Sofia xx